Domestic Landscape

We at GARDENSCAPES HORTICULTURE are very passionate about gardens and green spaces. We acknowledge the connection we have with nature as humans and how it is impossible for us to thrive without a thriving natural ecosystem. We know that gardens are a tool to recharge, and we know how to make the best gardens.

Commercial Landscape

We at GARDENSCAPES HORTICULTURE have an extensive experience of giving landscaping services to housing authorities, Government Institutions, Corporations and other commercial entities.

Plants Supply and Plantation​

We at GARDENSCAPES HORTICULTURE are running plant nurseries on a large scale providing you the supply of a very large number of plants. We know how to best nourish our plants so that they can grow and nourish our environment. We also execute large and small scale plantations as per the demand of our customers with almost zero mortality rate of our plants.

Pest Control

Different type of pest attack different type of plants effecting their growth and outlook. If left unattended, pests can seriously damage the health of a lawn or garden. Our decades long experience in plant handling and landscaping enables us to handle the pest effectively so that you can have the best looking garden throughout the year. We provide all type of solutions for pest control.

Designing and Execution

We specialize in large scale landscape designing while keeping the eco-system’s bio-diversity intact giving you the best possible combination of flowers, fruits and other ornamental plants.

Lawn Care

Lawn is the liveliest place of a home and we believe that it should remain the same. We give lawn care services to our customers so that they can maintain it according to their vision of a best looking lawn. We also give soil nourishment and management services so that you can bring the best out of your lawn.